We value quality of product to provide convenience for users at site. Our main focus is to extend the life span of product with better durability. Operators will realize the difference as MSK provide the best “price per performance”.

Construction Industry requires widest range of applications such as excavators, dozers, cranes and special attachments.

MSK parts can cover most of the application in need for construction. High quality Undercarriage parts, Rubber Tracks, Hydraulic parts, Wire Rope and Attachments are available from us.

Mining Environment is the harshest condition where Heavy Equipment can operate in. It is usually isolated and show tough geographical features often with inhospitable weather.

MSK products have already shown its competitiveness by supporting Mining professionals in South America, Africa, Russia, Australia and China region.

Marine Industry requires confidence as machinery needs to be able to endure heavy loads in harsh condition. It provides uncomfortable situation with extreme climate and high salinity around.

MSK is developing more items by listening to Customer’s voice at Marine site. We value our customer’s opinion.

Agriculture Industry is essential as it is the key factor for Food Industry. However, the conditions are not as nice as Food industry as different type of Soil and often extreme weather condition gives difficulties.

MSK provide casting parts for Agricultural GET and high quality Undercarriage parts and Rubber Tracks for the machinery. With long lasting products, we were able to reduce maintenance time as well as increase the productivity.